Our Properties

Unison is committed to developing and managing housing that is well designed, affordable, accessible and secure.

By “well designed” we mean that the housing not only meets a high standard of physical design but that it meets the specific physical and social needs of the people who live there. Along with the rest of the world, Unison has become much more focused on environmentally sustainable design.  We plan to achieve buildings that are environmentally, thermally and acoustically sound, are low maintenance in nature. We design buildings to ensure that our water, electricity and gas services are efficient and protect our tenants from run-away usage costs.

By “affordable” we mean that people have enough income after paying rent to live a dignified life and participate in their community.

By “accessible” we mean that those people with the highest level of housing needs are not excluded.

By “secure” we mean that people are able to live in our housing for as long as they want - rather than for a limited period of time.

Unison has a diverse range of long term housing located in 190 different properties in Melbourne, Geelong and Adelaide, to cater to the differing needs of our tenants. Ranging from 1850’s terrace houses, to standalone units, to multi-story medium and high density apartment buildings.