COVID-19 Resources

To live in the world is to adapt constantly. Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, we have suddenly been forced to adapt to the ‘new normal’: work-from-home setting, parents home-schooling their children in a new blended learning setting, lockdown and quarantine, and the wearing of face mask. COVID-19 affected our lives in so many ways and continues to be a challenging and uncertain time for everyone. If you’ve been affected by COVID-19, there are various support services available.

Mental health support

Mental health support with trained counsellors is available over the phone, online or via telephone support services. The Victorian State Government website lists a number of tips and resources that are available.

Here are some useful contact numbers and websites to consider:

An online support forum, a podcast or webchat may be what suits you best. Here are a few links that may be helpful.

Financial support and emergency relief

Find out about the financial support and emergency relief available to people affected by COVID-19 by clicking here.

Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy is a website that connects people in need with housing, a meal, money help, family violence support, counselling and much more. It is free and anonymous, with thousands of services listed across Australia. And if you’re on the Telstra or Vodafone mobile networks, you can access Ask Izzy on your phone even if you don’t have credit or access to wifi. For more information, click here.

In your neighbourhood

Your local council will have a range of professional support services for your neighbourhood. The services may range from food relief and emergency pet food for people isolating, to mental health and family support. Visit your local government’s website and search for COVID-19 support. 


Remember, support is out there in many different ways and through a range of organisations. If you are struggling to find the support you need, please contact your Unison Place Manager. We are here to help.


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