Owners Corporation Management

Unison is an experienced and innovative Owners Corporation Management organisation, conveniently located within the communities we manage. We offer investors an on-site Place Manager.

We are a registered Owners Corporation Manager as required by the Victorian Owners Corporation Act 2006

Contact us

Contact our Owners Corporation team on 03 9371 2000.

All email enquiries, maintenance requests or issues are to be emailed to ownerscorp@unison.org.au.


What sets us apart?

We pride ourselves on our high level of service at competitive rates.

We are on-site, know your property, local property trends as well as the local neighbourhood. We are on the spot to ensure grounds and common areas are maintained to a high standard to protect the value of your asset. 

We offer a comprehensive management package. We are a registered Owners Corporation Manager, a real estate agency as well as a community housing provider (providing much needed affordable housing for people on low incomes).

Our organisation is about more than bricks and mortar — it’s about people, place and community. We are a not-for-profit organisationa with a rigorous commercial focus, reinvesting surplus funds back into the communities we manage.

We are available 24/7.


As your Owners Corporation manager you can expect us to:

  • Create and distribute notices, agendas and minutes of meetings
  • Respond to, and issue correspondence to residents and owners
  • Arrange quotations for repairs and maintenance and organise accordingly
  • Arrange required insurances
  • Pay all invoices
  • Prepare and distribute financial statements and budgets
  • Issue owners corporation certificates
  • Keep and maintain records of the Owners Corporation
  • Create and implement a grievance procedure, and
  • Ensure compliance with the Owners Corporations Act 2006 and all other applicable legislation.

Unison encourages you to participate in your Owners Corporation. We also encourage you to make decisions regarding your property and report any concerns to Unison. We can guide you on the best solution.


Our Team

Our Owners Corporation management team is skilled and experienced with a strong team culture. Your Owners Corporation professionals work closely with our finance, asset and community engagement teams, streamlining our service.

Our integrated team strategy generates service and cost efficiencies and a comprehensive approach to planning and service implementation for your valuable asset.


Streamlined support service

We are continually investigating new ways to provide a superior service.

For example, we operate a tailored customer service package in order to increase our responsiveness. All email enquiries, requests or issues regarding common property are received via a universal inbox where your matter is logged and assigned to a member of the Owners Corporation team.

Email enquiries, maintenance requests or issues should be directed to ownerscorp@unison.org.au

Alternatively, you are welcome to phone us.

Following your email or phone call, you will receive a numbered response via email or text, and the job request will be logged on to the system.


Community minded

Unison is more than just an Owners Corporation manager; we want to create a great place to live. We encourage our tenants to get involved, have their say and take part in community initiatives.

Our community initiatives include community gardens, family events, cultural festivities, arts and theatre and workshops.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events here.

We welcome your feedback and ideas.


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