Communities that thrive

Unison is a not for profit property company. We provide all the services that strong, mixed, integrated communities need. As part of this, we develop, own and manage affordable and social housing and we provide commercial property management, owners corporation management and cleaning and grounds services. We also provide homelessness services for those most in need in Melbourne’s West.

The people Unison provides housing and property services for come from many different walks of life, but they all have the same thing in common – they want to live in a safe, welcoming and thriving community, they want to feel supported and connected and be proud of where they live.

We are based in the places where we work. This helps us shape diverse and inclusive communities that link residents with local services and social and economic opportunities. This approach also fosters a connection to our neighbourhoods and gives our communities a strong sense of home.

We believe that a thriving community needs a range of housing options to suit different people’s circumstances and incomes. This is why we provide the range of housing and property services we do in Victoria and in Adelaide, including social housing, affordable housing, private rental, transitional housing and owners corporation management. Where possible we aspire to create mixed tenure communities, which blend private and social housing together. Our role in these communities is to ensure that these mixed communities cohere successfully.

Together, our Housing Association status and our not for profit real estate and owners corporation management business enable us to assist all our customers with a full suite of housing and property services in addition to housing pathway opportunities. It makes good social sense. As a not for profit organisation we reinvest our operating surplus back into our services, our properties and communities. Importantly, this allows us to invest in the development of much needed affordable housing.

Unison is about more than housing – we are about communities that thrive. 


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