About Unison


Communities that thrive.


Collaborate to create vibrant, sustainable communities that meet the needs of renters, owners and people who are homeless, by developing, managing and providing access to affordable housing.

Who we work with

People who are homeless or at risk of homelessness

Unison is one of the largest providers of services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Melbourne’s West. We connect people to safe and affordable short, medium or long term accommodation combined with support to assist with addressing any issues that may have contributed to their fragile housing situation. In addition we help people re-establish and maintain a secure home.

People on a low income looking for affordable rental

We provide social and affordable long term rental accommodation in Victoria for people who are on a low income. Tenants can be employed or on Centrelink benefits. The properties range from rooming houses, apartments, units and houses. Our homes offer security of tenure and cater for all household types including singles, youth, seniors, couples and families.

People looking for private rental

Unison is a licensed real estate agent and leases and manages a range of market rental properties on behalf of private investors.

Our market rental properties are located in our mixed tenure communities. Our community building agenda provides opportunities for our private tenants to connect and participate in their community.

Owners Corporation members

Unison is a registered owners corporation management company managing residential and commercial properties on behalf of owner occupiers, private investors and Government.

The lots we manage as part of owners corporation management are located in our mixed tenure communities, blending owner occupiers, investment properties and affordable housing. We are located within these communities with an aim to create a thriving diverse community and a great place to live and invest in.


Partnerships are critical to our work and help us achieve more than we could working alone. We collaborate with many like minded organisations across the government, business and community sectors who respect our ethos and understand what we are about.  One such partnership is with RMIT University, with whom Unison has created the Unison Research LaB. Our applied research partnership with RMIT University will investigate issues of urban housing and homelessness over the five year research program. 

Unison has an annual operating revenue of over $25 million and owns $300 million in affordable housing properties. To find out more see our Annual Reports in the publications section.


Our Strategic Plan

Unison’s vision is Communities that thrive. To help create that vision Unison’s strategic plan focuses on five strategic directions:

  • Foster communities to create places for everyone

    We will implement a responsive place management approach to support tenants and develop a range of opportunities to improve wellbeing and quality of life for our customers. We will also improve the responsiveness of our homelessness services and create feedback mechanisms to make sure we’re on track.

  • Make places to be proud of

    By creating the systems to deliver excellent maintenance and facility management services, we will deliver homes and places that people can be proud of.

  • Develop effective systems to support creative solutions

    We will invest in our internal systems and processes to create the foundation for the organisation to grow, including IT, staff development and training, financial management, tenant participation and communications.

  • Grow the supply of affordable housing

    We will diversify our funding sources, create new housing models and seek new funding streams in order to grow the supply of affordable housing.

  • Create knowledge to change practice, policy and public perception

    Through our research partnership with RMIT and internal systems we’ll make sure our efforts are based on sound evidence, and we’ll use this expertise to advocate for better housing solutions.


    Click here to read the full strategic plan.