Tenant Advisory Group (TAG)

At Unison, our renters are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we have set up a Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) to ensure the organisation gets feedback and ideas directly from our renters.


What is the Tenant Advisory Group (TAG)?

The Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) is a forum for renters to advise Unison on how to best meet the needs of tenants and improve how Unison operates.

TAG meets every two months to discuss and provide advice on:

  • Ways to improve services like the quality of cleaning services or common property problems
  • Policies to get the best outcomes for renters while meeting the needs of the organisation
  • Ideas about how to improve renter participation in the organisation and the broader community

TAG reports to the Unison Board twice yearly on the organisation’s performance. The Unison CEO and board members attend TAG meetings.


Why join TAG?

Being a TAG member is an opportunity for you to represent the interests of renters, have a voice, and have an influence on matters that affect Unison renters.

TAG helps improve services, has input into how Unison is run and creates opportunities for renter participation. TAG members also benefit from access to training and other skill development opportunities.


TAG Memberships

Any current renter over 18 who has been a renter for at least one year is eligible to apply to become a TAG member. 

To become a TAG member, you must fill out an application form explaining why you want to become involved.

TAG members are appointed for a two-year term. At the end of the two years, TAG members can re-apply to continue in the group two times, with a maximum period of six years. This is to make sure that as many renters as possible have the chance to participate and have their say.

Participants in TAG are expected to attend five to six meetings a year. Meetings will go for two hours, and TAG members are expected to contribute to the discussions, share their ideas and listen respectfully to the views of others.


How are members of TAG chosen?

TAG members are chosen by a selection panel based on their application and an informal interview. The selection panel is looking for renters who have:

  • A desire to improve the quality of housing provided and the lives of renters 
  • Good communication skills include listening respectfully to others, expressing ideas clearly, and raising issues in meetings.
  • Respect for others, including understanding and tolerance for diverse perspectives and experiences
  • The ability to consider practical measures and weigh up competing interests.


Want more information?

If you want more information on TAG or need help completing the application form, don't hesitate to contact your Place Manager or call Anna on 03 9349 0257.


Are there other ways I can be involved?

There are many ways to become involved with Unison and have your say about your property or the organisation’s policies and operations. These include:

  • House meetings;
  • Raising ideas, requests or concerns with your Place Manager;
  • Giving feedback via the website; or
  • Discussing issues with a TAG member.