Renter Stories

News | 21.08.23
A home full of love and memories

Mandy's home provides her with peace and comfort.

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News | 17.07.23
Rising to meet the challenges

Peter has found his new and final home with Unison, after battling through life's challenges.

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News | 7.06.23
Everything has fallen into John's lap

A gentle soul now has a secure home.

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News | 18.04.23
The gentle wave that helps float you forward

In the latest of our Renter Story Series, Val shares a turning point in his life and the value of wrap around support services. 

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News | 1.03.23
A joy for life

Joan is 91, a bright spark, a good friend and has a positive outlook on life.

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News | 24.01.23
They always have each other

 A proud mum and her son now have a place to call home.

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News | 30.11.22
A family man and cricket champion with a love of nature

Mohammed shares how his connection with family and green space contributes to his health and wellbeing.

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News | 19.10.22
Her home is her anchor

In our latest Renter Story, *Edie talks about her housing stress, emphasising the importance of secure and safe housing for everyone, particularly for our seniors.

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News | 31.08.22
A gentleman in the true sense of the word

Peter has lived in Unison properties for 45 years, and enjoys living in the big smoke.

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News | 24.05.22
A great mate and jack of all trades

Gary loves helping his mates out and is a nippy rover for the Cohealth Kangas. Gary's story is the latest in our resident story series.

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News | 22.02.22
Supporting others is a natural instinct for Marwo

Marwo has lived a life of supporting those in need. Now her children are following in her footsteps. Marwo's story is part of our resident story series.

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