Our mission is to collaborate to create vibrant, sustainable communities that meet the needs of renters, owners and people who are homeless, by developing, managing and providing access to affordable housing. We work collaboratively with builders and developers to reimagine community and strengthen connection between people and place.

As placemakers, we bring together planners, designers, engineers and community residents to get a broader perspective on how buildings and building design works in place. We work with like minded people to formulate collective ideas and aspirations about what a place/community can be for people from all walks of life, and who share a commitment to provide a quality service.

Unison’s place management approach is a crucial onsite mechanism to help steer all aspects of a mixed tenure development through construction, community engagement, asset design and maintenance.

We are experienced working with developers and local and state governments during planning, construction and handover of medium to high density apartment developments, including working with the local community, architects, engineers and builders to create a building and community that works. As place managers we also immerse ourselves in the detail of the build and forecast maintenance service and life cycle planning requirements.

To talk to our team about a development project please contact Unison CEO James King on 03 9349 0250.