Feedback, complaints and appeals

Unison is committed to providing quality services to our clients, renters and community.

To help us do this, we welcome your feedback on any aspect of our service and operations.

We encourage you to share your stories, good news and any community or local events that we can pass on to renters and networks.

Complaints Policy

Unison’s Complaints, Reviews and Feedback Policy outlines how we;

  • Provide any person with the opportunity to provide feedback, make a complaint or appeal against a Unison decision or provision of service.
  • Manage the feedback, complaints and appeals process.
  • Use feedback to identify opportunities for the improvement of our services.

What is a complaint and appeal?

A complaint is any matter where you believe Unison has not acted appropriately or in line with its responsibilities.

You may appeal that decision if you are unhappy with the complaint outcome or process.

Disputes exist outside of Unison and are covered by other legislation, e.g. the Residential Tenancies Act (Vic) 1997 and include neighbour disputes or paying rent.

Who can make a complaint or lodge an appeal?

Any person has the right to express their dissatisfaction with Unison.

How can you provide feedback, make a complaint or appeal?

We recommend that you (or your nominated advocate or support person) talk directly to your contact at Unison or the person you think is responsible for fixing the problem and describe;

  • what happened
  • why are you not satisfied
  • what action do you think should be taken
  • take notes and keep a record of who you talked to, what you talked about and when you spoke to them.

If it is not possible to speak directly to someone or you're not comfortable doing so, please complete the online form below, or provide your feedback, complaint or appeal via:

  • Phone: 03 9349 0250
  • Letter: PO Box 12145 A'Beckett St, Melbourne VIC 8006

Don't hesitate to contact Unison if you need support when making a complaint.

If you need an interpreter to help you, Unison will provide one.

Managing the complaint or appeal

When you make a complaint or lodge an appeal, Unison will aim to acknowledge, respond and provide a resolution within 30 business days. We will let you know if there are any delays in resolving your problem.


Unison respects your privacy and manages all personal information under privacy legislation. Further details about how we collect, handle, use and disclose your personal information is contained in our Information Privacy Policy All complaints and appeals are confidential, and no identifying information will be shared without permission.

For more information, please read the Unison Complaints Resolution brochure.

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals Form

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Escalation of complaints and appeals

Please see other contact details, should you wish to escalate your complaint or appeal with Unison: