Achieving their dreams


When you meet Susan, you can’t help but admire her strength, resilience and positive outlook on life. 

Things haven’t been easy for the mother of three. After leaving a violent relationship, Susan found herself homeless with her three children. With the support of friends and family and her positive vibes only attitude, Susan just kept pushing through, without letting anything knock her down. 

No matter what, Susan kept going and providing “love and TLC” for her children. “Every day I woke up, I was here with my children. We were together and that’s all that mattered to me.” 

“We’d take it day by day. Blow up the mattress, have sleepover parties and movie nights. Just make it fun, you know?” 

“This type of situation can take you down very different paths. If I hadn’t had that support from Unison and my social worker J., it could have been a total different outcome.” 

After 18 months, Susan and her children moved into transitional housing with Unison, before being offered a permanent home in social housing.  

“It was Christmas all over at once. It was a dream for me to have a place for all of us to be together without domestic violence – that was amazing!” 

With a safe and secure place to call home, Susan was able to get back to studying. Now in her last year of nursing, Susan will graduate at the end of 2021. Keen to help others in need, Susan plans to work in trauma wards. 

“The stability of having our own home has made a huge difference in our lives. My children can do what they want to do and achieve their dreams.”  

And realising their dreams they are. Susan’s face light up with pride when she talks about her children. 

“My eldest is up in Northern Territory mustering. She’s a fantastic horse rider!” 

“My two youngest kids have special needs and have the most beautiful personalities. I love them so much!” 

Reflecting on her journey has been an eye opener for Susan. “I am very proud yet teary of what I have achieved. I made it through after a huge whirlwind of emotions and homelessness.” 

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