Comfort during trauma


Young children and babies are an often-unseen face of homelessness. 

In 2023/2024, Unison’s homelessness services assisted families including over 3500 children. 

We see many small children, including newborn babies, with their families when they are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of losing their home.

“Escaping domestic or family violence is one reason people seek help.  More and more we are seeing the high cost of living resulting in housing and financial crisis, forcing parents to choose between feeding their children or paying their rent or mortgage,” 

explains Rachael Toseland, Housing Assessment and Pathways.

Adults and children alike come to us vulnerable, fearful and distressed. Giving comfort can go some way to providing distraction during this traumatic time.

Here’s where the teddies come in.

Amazing organisations such as the Allanah and Madeline Foundation, Knit One Give One, Hanes Brands, Share the Dignity and Pinchapoo generously provide Unison with gorgeous buddy bags and comfort packs for children and babies filled with carefully selected items such as kids’ activities, books, new clothing, toiletries, books and cuddly teddies, for critical emotional comfort. For babies there are beautiful hand knit blankets and baby clothes, nappies and comforters, soft toys and “mum and bub” bags with essential baby items.

Adults are not forgotten with essential item donations such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and clothing, all courtesy of these incredible organisations.  

We send a huge heartfelt thank you to our generous partners for their thought and care and parcels of joy for people who need it most.

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