Housing the homeless now and after the pandemic.

homeless man

On any given night in Australia, over 100,000 people are experiencing homelessness of some kind. (ABS 2016 Census data). 

The pandemic has exacerbated the critical need to address homelessness. Although private operators have generously provided hotels and motels for during this period, the dwellings are not “home”.  

We need long-term social housing, with support services for those who need it most.  

“If we’re serious about tackling the homelessness problem, you’ve got to do it seriously and offer extra help, ”stressed Frank, a Unison tenant and Convenor of the Unison Tenants Advisory Group. 

Frank and Prof. Guy Johnson, Professor of Homelessness at RMIT and Chair of the Unison Housing Research Lab, recently appeared on ABCRN Life Matters to discuss long term solutions for people experiencing homelessness. 

Listen to Frank and Prof. Johnson (from 07:40 in to the interview) here.

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