Lab's Research Supports Victoria's Social Housing Regulation Review

The Victorian Government’s Social Housing Regulation Review aims to identify future regulatory arrangements that will best support the long-term interests of social housing residents and their communities. It also aims to best position social (and affordable) housing for growth and transformation over the coming decades.

Understanding tenancy sustainment patterns is critical both to effectively addressing homelessness, and to improving the long-term viability of the social housing sector.

This is why the Review Panel approached the Unison Housing Research Lab (a research partnership between Unison and RMIT University) to produce a series of Research Papers on the topic of social housing tenancy sustainment.

Drawing on their research with Unison, Dr Sarah Taylor and Professor Guy Johnson from RMIT prepared two Papers:


Cover of the first research paper on social housing tenancy sustainment         Cover of the second research paper on social housing tenancy sustainment



About the Unison Housing Research Lab

The Unison Housing Research Lab is a unique education and research collaboration between RMIT University and Unison Housing. The Lab was established to develop and implement a collaborative teaching program and undertake innovative policy and practice relevant housing research informed by the experiences of services users and providers.

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