Life is good for Daya

Life can deal us some really tough blows and Daya has had his fair share.

Daya, originally from Sri Lanka, moved to Australia around 10 years ago and settled in Braybrook in Melbourne’s west. He established himself in the area, rented a home and was a bus driver for many years.

Then he had a string of bad luck; he lost his license, his income source was limited and he was evicted from his house. He then found himself homeless.

“I had what felt like a tsunami of bad luck,“ Daya explains. “I was without a roof over my head, slept in my car and at friends’ houses.”

“Being homeless also causes its own problems such as personal safety, being exposed to criminal activity and I was disconnected from my daughter.”

With help from Unison, Daya moved into our Fitzroy apartment complex and has been there for around a year. He loves his new home and his new community.

Daya’s 11-year-old daughter is now able to visit him weekly. They go to the nearby park and playground and he watches her each week run out and captain an under 12 soccer team. “She’s a defender,” he says proudly.

“My life has changed. This is my new town. I have met new people and I love my apartment. I want to look after the place.”

“The Place Managers at Unison do a great job. People like them – they are respectful and thoughtful.”


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