Unison food hamper program continues beyond lockdown

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Unison’s Food Hamper Program is a popular initiative in our Kensington community. Long-term partner, Hotham Mission, donates and fills the hampers with non-perishables such as pasta, tinned fruit, rice, breakfast cereal and long-life milk. Foodbank and other small suppliers donate the contents to Hotham Mission.

Kensington Place Managers identify those renters most in need. Some of our renters visit our on-site office to collect their hamper, and for others we drop hampers off in the foyer of the family apartment building. We also personally deliver to those with mobility, social isolation or health issues.

One of our renters, a volunteer and award-winning community champion, assists us with distributing the hampers. As a kind and trusted neighbour, she knows those who would benefit from a hamper. This community connection is priceless and adds significant value to our program.

Initiated during lockdown, the program continues to deliver important outcomes. The food hampers provide much-needed food staples and enable us to engage with our renters and check on their health and well-being, particularly our vulnerable residents.


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