Affordable Housing Victoria

Employed and looking for housing?

Unison provides safe and affordable long-term housing to people who are employed and on low incomes. 

We are committed to ensuring that the people we house gain access to the support, resources, and opportunities needed to sustain their housing, build a sense of home and participate in the wider community. We do this through effective partnerships and connections with specialist organisations.


All applicants must be over 18 years of age and meet the following criteria:

  •     Australian Citizenship OR Permanent Residency Status

  •     Currently live in Victoria

  •     Stable rent history

  •     Able to live independently

  •     Assets less than $30,000 per household or $60,000 for households requiring Disability Modified Unit

  •     Income within limits set by the State Government.


Vacant properties

If you are eligible for affordable housing as per the criteria above, visit where all our vacancies are advertised with contact details included on each listing. The properties are highlighted as affordable properties stating eligibility criteria for applicants.

Click here for a listing of Unison's affordable housing properties available for lease.


How to apply

To apply for a property, please click on the ‘Contact Agent’ button on the online listing.

You will be emailed, further information and an application form to complete, sign and return to our office along with the following documentation:

  • Last 3 months of bank statement
  • Last 3 months of payslips
  • Latest centrelink income statement (if applicable)
  • Proof of any other income

Note that all required documentation must be submitted before the application is considered.

Once received our team will check your application and, if eligible, you will be contacted to arrange an inspection before the apartment is offered to you.


Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, please contact the closest office.