Social Housing in Victoria

On Centrelink benefits and looking for housing?

Unison has a range of rooming house, apartments, units and houses for long term social housing in the Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne and also Geelong. These properties offer security of tenure and are available to single people, couples and families who are on low incomes via Centrelink.

We are committed to ensuring that the people we house gain access to the support, resources, and opportunities needed to sustain their housing, build a sense of home and participate in the wider community. We do this through effective partnerships and connections with specialist organisations.


Eligibility and How to Apply

Prospective tenants can gain access to this long-term social housing in two ways:

  • By making an application for social housing through the Victorian Housing Register 
  • Nomination Access (where some support agencies have access to particular Unison housing)


Eligibility requirements are in line with the Department of Health and Human Services' eligibility guidelines.

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For more information please contact the closest office. Click here for our contact details.