Public Housing




Unison is carefully monitoring developments related to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Based on guidance from the Australian and State Governments and health authorities, we may make some changes to the way we work to protect you, our staff and the community.

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Your Place Manager

At Unison, each tenancy is managed by dedicated Place Managers. They work with our tenants to make people feel at home in their apartment or house, and connect them to their community.

Place Managers are at the heart of the delivery of our housing services. They are the first point of call for our tenants and we encourage all our tenants to get in touch with their Place Manager to discuss any idea, issue or question.


About Public Housing

Unison provides long-term public housing in Kensington, Vic, on behalf of the Victorian Government. We manage public housing services in accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Policies and Procedures, and in line with the  requirements under the Residential Tenancy Act.

The amount and type of rent you pay in public housing depends on your household income. Most households receive a rebated rent because of their low incomes. If you are eligible and apply for a rental rebate, your rent will be subsidised and you will pay 25% of your household income as rent.

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Your Privacy Rights

Unison complies with legislative requirements in the way that we collect, use, disclose, and provide access to personal information we hold about you. We treat your privacy seriously.  Find out more about your privacy rights in our Information Privacy brochure and Unison's Information Privacy Policy


Unison Membership

Unison is a not for profit organisation. Our members are important stakeholders with particular rights. Members appoint board directors and are able to vote at company general meetings. Membership is free.  The Unison member factsheet provides more information.  

To apply for membership complete the Unison membership form.  If you would like further information call in to your nearest Unison office or contact Nina on 03 9349 0257.