We've joined the compost revolution!

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Our Enterprise Team is making great use of plant cuttings and food scraps at our 6.5ha Kensington community by turning it into valuable compost 

The composting initiative, which has been established next to our award-winning Food Forestis helping to improve the quality of the soil around the community, including at our Altona Street garden beds.  

Our residents are invited to add their household scraps, and the Team adds grass and plant clippings from their gardening and grounds work around the site. The mature, rich and healthy compost is then distributed around the grounds to help our gardens grow. 

By placing the “how-to’s of composting at the site, the Team is helping the community to reduce landfill while providing an opportunity for residents to help beautify their community. 

Composting is a fantastic way to minimise waste and reduce our environmental footprint. Not only that, but compost is one of nature’s best mulches and natural fertilizers. The compost at Kensington is quick turnaround. It needs additions such as vegetable waste, small amounts of coffee grounds and egg shellswhich break down quickly. Items such as meat, onions, chili and citrus peel are not good for a healthy compost.     

In a win-win partnership, one of the Kensington Owners Corporations (OC) has contracted the Enterprise Team to regenerate their common area garden area with indigenous plants. Thanks to a City of Melbourne grant received by the OC, over 400 native plants will fill the garden beds along with insect houses to attract bees, birds and lizards to the garden. 

“The real joy is when the residents come over and really appreciate what we are doing.” said Ray, one of the Enterprise Team crew. 

This is one of the many sustainability projects that have been set up in our Kensington community, thanks to the support of the City of Melbourne. 

The Unison Cleaning and Grounds Enterprise Team has maintained our gardens and kept our places clean and tidy for nearly ten years. This latest partnership is a great outcome for both residents and the Team. 

Unison Property Corporation Manager Donna Waters is very proud of the project and the way the gardens have flourished using the “home made” compost, managed and tended with TLC by the Enterprise grounds team 

Thank you, Raymond (Enterprise ground team member and valuable garden expert)!  

Your open compost initiative has provided quality plant food for the garden bed, an effective waste solution, cost savings and I am sure, happiness to many people  

So many positives and this is only a starting point! We are so excited and cannot wait until the three larger compost biinstallation is complete this year.   

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